Alleged misuse of village funds, four village chiefs in Manokwari become the police’s target

Village chiefs of Manokwari District took photograph with Bhabinkamtibmas members in the promotion of village funds in Manokwari Police Headquarter – Jubi/Hans Arnold.

Manokwari, Jubi – Four village chiefs in Manokwari District, West Papua Province have targeted by the police due to the allegation of village funds misuse.

The Manokwari Police Chief the Adjunct Senior Police Commissionaire Adam Erwindi declared the police have targeted four village chiefs who are alleged misusing the budget. “Four village chiefs have been investigated because they use these funds as much as they like,” said the Police Chief Adam Erwindi on Friday (23/3/2018).

He said it is the duty of the police in the villages through their Bhabinkamtibmas (division for community and security division) members to conduct escort and assistance to the community as an order to watch the utilization of state’s funds that distributing through rural budget program by the president.

“Bhabinkamtibmas members are always ready to provide monitoring, therefore the use of village funds is on target. This is what we’ve done in order to prevent the misuse of funds,” said the chief. However, he further said, if the village chiefs ‘lose their track’, they should be ready for the punishment.

“I always remind my member staffs in the villages about it. Those who are ‘out of track’ should be legally processed,” he said. But he is still reluctant to reveal the identity of the four chiefs.

Meanwhile, the Head of Community and Village Empowerment of Manokwari District, Teguh Budi Prakoso, said he already knew about the police target over the four village chiefs. “We already knew it. Beside them, there are actually some village chiefs who violated the procedure. But the most severe violation was conducted by these four,” said Prakoso to Jubi in Manokwari. 

He further said, related to the police investigation over the four village chiefs, his office will review their cooperation because they have still been given a spare period to return the money back to the state after the audit.

 “There is a target indeed, but we’ll see their cooperation. If the inspectorate and the Indonesia’s National Government Internal Auditor (BPKP) as well as the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK) already complete their audit, and those village chiefs can return the state’s money within 60 days, therefore we will close this case. But if they cannot, we will continue the case because it’s related to the loss of state,” explained Prakoso. (*)


Reporter: Hans Arnold

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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