Customary community welcomes Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior ship crews


Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior’s Captain Hettie was fitted with the customary ornaments by a customary villager of Kampung Isiaman, Edera sub-district– Jubi/Frans L Kobun

Mappi, Jubi – The villagers of Kampung Isiaman of Edera sub-district, Mappi district welcomed the 15 ship crews of the Greenpeace’s Raibow Warrior in a cultural ceremony.  

The ceremony, in which the ship’s commander Captain Hettie, a crew Rob Taylor and Papua Greenpeace Indonesia Forest Campaign Officer Charles Tawaru who represented the Greenpeace, was took place on the board on Thursday (29/3/2018). Some representatives of local community gave them the traditional ornaments to be worn in the ceremony as a symbol of their acceptance.

The Vice Regent of Mappi District Jaya Ibnu Su’ud, the Mappi Regional Secretary in-charge Vincentius Dambayan and Mappi Police Chief the Adjunct Senior Police Commissionaire I Gusti Agung were also attended the ceremony.

“On behalf of all ship crews, I extend my gratitude to the government and local community who have welcomed us nicely in the Asmat water,” said the ship’s commander Hettie, which translated by Achmad Saleh Suhada, the Deputy Head Forest Indonesian Campaign.

On this occasion, the vice regent said every new comer would be customarily greeted. This is a commitment of Mappi people in welcoming those who come to their area, including these ship crews who come from 30 different countries. Further, he explained about the vision of local government towards the investment of oil palm plantation, especially when the investment in a large scale is not needed. The local government has an initial commitment to protect and maintain some part of green areas in Mappi District, and this will keep well maintained.

In addition, he said, the local government has worked together with the Peatlands Restoration Agency to restore the 12 thousand hectares of peatlands forest that was burned in 2015. “We have the same commitment as Greenpeace to protect the environment,” he said.  (*)


Reporter: Frans L Kobun

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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