Jayawijaya students held a protest asking for local government’s attention

Jayawijaya students in a protest at the Abepura traffic light, Jayapura City on Wednesday, (28/3/2018) – Jubi/Abeth You.

 Jayapura, Jubi – Dozens of Jayawijaya students, the occupants of Nayak Dormitories and Woman Dormitory in Jayapura City held a protest at the Abepura traffic light. The protest that was lasted about 30 minutes was to obtain the attention of Jayawijaya local government.

“We have to go on the street in order to raise funds, as well as to criticize Jayawijaya local government,” the protest coordinator, Wempi Asso, told reporter in Abepura on Wednesday (28/3/2018).

He said the protest was held because students dormitories, including Nayak I, II, III and woman dormitory, no longer have the electricity power and clean water. “The National Electricity Company has cut off the electricity power and the water bill has not been paid to the Regional Water Supply Company since 11 years,” told Asso.

The students accused the Jayawijaya local government for not paying attention to the students who live in the dormitories. It is noticed that both electricity and water bills reach Rp 15 million.

“Officer has cut off the water pipe due to the debt that has not been paid since 2011. It’s similar with the electricity bills for Nayak II and Nayak III dormitories,” he said.

According to him, this problem has been discussed several times with the representative of Jayawijaya local government, but there is no fixed answer. They even have tried to talk with the Head of Public Service of Regional Secretariat. Unfortunately, the head is currently on vacation to Biak.

The Chairman of Jayawijaya Students, Jonni Alua, warned that the students would do a rally and block the cargo service to Wamena in the Sentani Airport if the local government does not response this issue.

“We are just like a ping pong ball. The Regional Secretariat of Jayawijaya told they have budgeted some funds and distributed it through their representative in Sentani, but there is no transparency from them,” he said. (*)

Reporter: Abeth You

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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