KNPB: We already threw away Indonesian propaganda and dialogue

An illustration of KNPB activists during a demonstration in Jayapura City, Papua – Jubi


Jayapura, Jubi – West Papua National Committee (KNPB) refused the proposal of Acting Papua Governor, Soedarmo, to talk about development on the Land of Papua.

“It’s incredibly wrong for making propaganda of development as the sale of Indonesian colonial diplomacy in this region. The fact is that more than 50 years Indonesia built upon the exploitation of Papua’s land, Victor Yeimo, the Chairman of KNPB, said on Saturday (28/04/2018).

According to Yeimo, all infrastructures in Papua are neo-imperialist (capitalist) projects. Those projects were done for the sake of development while Papuans are continuously being killed or arrested on their land. “All packages of colonial economic and capitalist politics will not stem the struggle for independence of the Papuan people,” Yeimo said.

He further said that the Indonesian government’s diplomacy would not diminish the spirit of the people in the Melanesian countries to remain standing in favour of West Papuan independence as well as the West Papuans who want freedom from the colonialism. “We already threw away the Indonesian dialogue and propaganda,” said Yeimo to respond Soedarmo’s invitation.

On the other hand, Soedarmo previously claimed to be ready for a dialogue with the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) and KNPB, as well as other groups who still voiced the independence of Papua.

“As the acting governor, I am ready for a dialogue. However, it should be on the principle of the unitary of the Republic of Indonesia and how we develop Papua in the future,” Soedarmo stated in a press release.

He said the dialogue should not be formal. “That’s a form of my appreciation. Whether in a café, I am ready to do it. So, it’s not necessary to have it in the office,” said Soedarmo. (*)


Reporter: Victor Mambor

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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