Candidate Governor regrets shooting incident in Nduga

Illustration of people checking their registrations at a polling place in Jayapura City. – Jubi/Roy Ratumakin

Jayapura, Jubi – Candidates Governor and Vice Governor Lukas Enembe and Klemen Tinal regret the shooting incident occurred in Kenyam Airport, Nduga District on Wednesday morning (27/6/2018).

“It should be delayed if there is trouble. We’ve heard the election logistics in Nduga and Paniai has been stuck, but we hope it solved by today,” said Enembe to reporters after voting at the polling place 023 in Argapura, Jayapura Selatan Sub-district, Jayapura Municipality on Wednesday (27/6/2018).

Meanwhile, Klemen Tinal profoundly regrets what happened in Nduga Sub-district suspended the people’s right on democracy.

Regarding the statement of Indonesia Police Chief Tito Karnavian about the incident in Nduga was more related to politics, Tinal said it should be a reference for all. “About conflict or other issues as presented by Indonesia Police Chief, it could be a reference for all of us because he knew better about the security issue,” he said.

Separately, the Acting Papua Governor Soedarmo said the process of governor election in Nduga District, as reported by the Election Commission Province Papua, would be temporarily suspended by order of the National Election Commission. The provincial Election Commission will take over the implementation from the regional Election Commission. However, the provincial team has not yet arrived in Nduga.

“Perhaps the voting could be delayed,” Soedarmo told reporters on Wednesday noon ((27/6/2018).

Meanwhile, Papua Police Chief the Inspector General Police Rafli Amar confirmed a shooting detected from a distance at around 08:00 pm Papua time in Kenyam Airport.

“That’s right. There were about six gunshots heard from a distance,” said the chief. Further, the police and military are attempting to find the shooting perpetrators, he said.

Senior Police Commissioner Ahmad Mustofa Kamal, the Chief of Papua Police Public Relations, said the election logistics which planned to distribute on Wednesday morning (27/6/2018) had arrived in Kenyam Airport. Its distribution delayed due to gunshots.

“It was ready to distribute to sub-districts, but the gunshots scared the organisers,” he said. Furthermore, he stated the police keep continuing to protect the logistics while waiting for the organisers. (*)


Reporter: Roy Ratumakin

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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