Soedarmo promises to support dormitory renovation

Papua regional leadership forum during the visit to Rusunawa Uncen Dormitory, Perumnas III Waena. – Jubi/Alex Loen

Jayapura, Jubi – Acting Papua Governor Soerdarmo promised to fulfil the demand of Papuan students who live in Rusunawa Uncen dormitory, Perumnas III, Waena, Jayapura City for renovation and TV facility.

“Perhaps the first thing that we can do is painting the building and providing a unit of television and parabola,” said Soerdarmo while monitoring the readiness of voting at the polling place in Uncen dormitory on Wednesday (27/6/2018).

He thought the building need to renovate; therefore the provincial government will try as much as they can to help. “I will discuss it with the budget team. At least it can be done gradually,” he said.

Furthermore, he hopes students can use this facility properly. “The dormitory is a place to live and study for students, so I ask you to maintain it properly and not use it to support any groups to against the country,” said Soedarmo.

Meanwhile, the dormitory administrator Elius Wenda appreciate the visit of the acting governor who accompanied by Papua regional leadership communication forum. “We hope the governor can help us. Hopefully, it doesn’t take a long time because those who live in the dormitory are the successors and future leaders of Papua,” said Wenda. (*)


Reporter: Alex Loen
Editor: Pipit Maizier

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