TPN-PB: West Papua’s independence is not a gift from the sky

TPN-PB / OPM Paniai Region before the ceremony of 1 July 2018 – Jubi / IST

Paniai, Jubi – Damianus Magai Yogi, the leader of the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN-PB) of Meepago Region, in his speech during the 47th Anniversary of Free Papua Movement, asserted a series of violence over West Papuans should terminate by resistance against the colonialism in Papua territory.

“Independence doesn’t come down from the sky nor doesn’t come from abroad or freely given from Indonesia, but we have to fight for it,” he said in front of thousands of people who participated in the day commemoration on Sunday (1/7/2018).

Meanwhile, Charles Magai Yogi, TPN-PB Adviser of Paniai Region added that Free Papua Movement was established in 1965 to terminate the occupation of the Indonesian Government in Papua that formerly known as Irian Jaya.

“Thank the people of West Papua, in particular, the guerrillas who fought for their homeland and still hold this struggle for independence. Keep fighting, because freedom is the right of all nations on this earth,” he said.

The proclamation of 1 July 1971 is a manifestation of people’s protest against the international community over dishonest AFC. “The Rome Treaty and New York Agreement are the international acts against the rights and sovereignty of West Papuans which has been supported by the United Nations Charter and the Atlantic Chapter for self-determination,” he said. (*)

Reporter: Abeth You

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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