Police allegedly committed sexual harassment in Papuan student dormitory in Surabaya

Students and officers negotiate during the civil registration drives in front of a student dormitory in Surabaya. – Jubi / IST

Jayapura, Jubi – There was alleged harassment occurred following the civil registration drives dubbed as ‘operasi yustisi’ in a Papuan student dormitory in Surabaya on Friday (6/7/2018). Some time ago, the similar incident happened in Papuan student dormitory in Malang some time ago.

Public Lawyer from Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Surabaya, Mohamad Saleh while contacting Jubi reported the Papuan Student Alliance in Surabaya at that time was holding a weekly discussion at the Papuan Student Dormitory in Jalan Kalasan no. 10 Tambaksari, Surabaya at around 20:30 pm.

Then the Tambaksari Sub-district Head accompanied by hundreds of police officers, military and civil service officers of Surabaya Municipal Government arguing that they were carrying out the ‘operasi yustisi’. “There were 50 police, military and civil service officers who come during the students’ weekly discussion.”

Further, Saleh said two participants and a public attorney from LBH Surabaya asked for an official letter to the sub-district head, but he couldn’t prove it. “The two students, Isabella and Anindya, were trying to talk with the sub-district head, but one of the police officers yelled at Anindya with harsh words which began to heat up the atmosphere,” he said.

Moreover, he continued the police officers then pulled him and Isabella while Anindya harassed by one of those officers. “Isabella and I were dragged into a police car until our shirt buttons were loosing, while an officer grasped Anindya’s chest,” he said.

Legislator of Papua, Jhon Gobai separately regretted this incident. He added the officers should carry an assignment letter when conducting the civil registration drives. “I completely regret this incident, whereas officers didn’t bring an assignment letter to perform their duty. I ask the Police Chief to evaluate the performance of his subordinates,” he said. (*)


Reporter: Titus Ruban

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