Airlines in Papua ask for a security guarantee from local authorities

Trigana aircraft shot down by unknown group at Keneyam Airport of Nduga Sub-district some time ago – Jubi / Doc-Trigana Air

Jayapura, Jubi – Airlines operating in Papua expect a security guarantee from security forces, local government and communities following the shooting over a commercial aircraft in Keneyam, Nduga Sub-district a few days ago.

Papua Regional Manager of Trigana Air Bustomi asked for flight security assurance at the destination airport. “We do not prohibit flying, but before we have assurance from local authorities, both security forces and local government, we are not flying to that airport,” Bustomi confirmed by phone on Thursday (28/06/2018).

In line with Bustomi, the Director of PT Associated Mission Aviation (AMA) Bob Kayadu also said the airline would not fly to the ‘red area’ for the sake of neutrality and crew safety.

“Despite a request from the Election Commission to deliver the logistics, we decided to reject it last week. It turns weird when the authorities already guaranteed the security after the Demonim aircraft shooting, another shooting was happening,” he said.

He hopes for a smooth solution so that the public service is not disturbed anymore. “I hope we can sit together rather than continuing violent. So we (airlines) feel comfortable and safe to serve the public,” he said. (*)


Reporter: Sindung Sukoco

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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