Looking for populist representatives

The atmosphere at ‘Pasar Mama-Mama Papua’, Jayapura City Papua. – Jubi/Arjuna Pademme

Jayapura, Jubi – Legislative election in Indonesia is going to run. People would elect their representatives in parliament including those who will sit in the regional (municipal), provincial and national House of Representatives.

Now the legislative candidates for the period of 2019-2024 in Papua have prepared themselves to win the public attention, in particular in their retrospective electoral areas. However, people in Papua, especially indigenous Papuans, still want figures who are populist; those who can materialise their words in a campaign, listen and struggle for people’s aspirations.

Solpap activist Franky Warer who assists the indigenous woman traders said he wants a figure with a clear vision. “Based on my experience, many candidates only gave their words. People should be careful to select their representatives in parliament to avoid disappointment like what was happening now. Therefore, it needs to choose figures who care to the people, including the indigenous women traders in economic development,” he said.

Further, he said there are some legislators to speak for the people’s aspirations, the future of indigenous Papuans and the economics of native women traders. However, they often lose in decision making because sometimes the decision determined by the majority. “We believe in some individuals at Papua House of Representatives, but there is an institutional mechanism that needs to do,” he said.

Meanwhile, an indigenous woman trader at ‘Pasar Mama-Mama’ Asnat Inggamer said she hopes the next legislators at Papua House of Representatives and Jayapura Municipality House of Representatives can give more attention to the indigenous women traders at ‘Pasar Mama-Mama Papua’.

“During the times, none of the municipal legislators came to see us. Only a few of provincial legislators who knew the Solpap activists or were activists themselves visited us when we were at the temporary market, the old building,” she said. Then she added, “So we hope the future legislators are populist. Not just given promises and then forget people who elect them to sit in the parliament.”

Papuan legislator Laurenzus Kadepa told Jubi he assessed the performance of Papua House of Representatives has not been optimal. “I cannot see their performance within the last three years. I hope it could be better in the fourth or fifth year,” Kadepa told Jubi sometime ago.

According to him, there is no real action towards the people’s aspirations, whether delivered by individual, groups or people’s demonstration. He further said the Papua House of Representatives should come to the ground whenever there are problems. Each aspiration should be followed up according to the people’s demand. “Not just give the promise to follow up, talk about a mechanism, and et cetera. Do not talk to calm the people but take action to satisfy and represent the people,” he said.

He also reminds legislators not to pretending against the contra-public policy and becoming an opposition for the sake of popularity and personal interest. “This is what I saw,” he said. (*)


Reporter: Arjuna Pademme

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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